Umbra mentis / Shadow of the Mind

Zdeněk Trs

23. 2. – 6. 4. 2024

Curator: Jan Dotřel

One of the most important features of Zdeněk Trs’ work is his detailed observation of nature, from microscopic elements through the structures of common objects such as pine cones, shells and petals to macrostructures contained in the solar system and deep space. These processes are closely observed, analysed, reconstructed and abstracted by the artist in order to recreate them on canvas. His painting technique is defining and breathtaking: a profound geometric metamorphosis and a brilliant method of monochromatic oil painting that goes right to the very essence of form play an essential role. Zdeněk Trs has mastered an unmistakable visual expression based on a deep recognition of the reality around us and a way of metamorphosing it into a two-dimensional image.