From the Collection of Oldřich Th. Uttendorfský

25. 4. 2023 - 17. 6. 2023

Curator: Lenka Lindaurová a Jan Dotřel

In between black and white. The spring highlight of the Kvalitář gallery season in 2023 is undoubtedly the exhibition of selections from the collection of Oldřich Th. Uttendorfsky. One of the most exciting collections in the Czech Republic not only possesses exclusive works of fine art, but its great qualitative plus are the unexpected combinations of unique naturals, historical objects of ancient civilizations and native cultures. The distinctive approach to building Mr. Uttendorfsky’s collection will now be comprehensively presented for the first time under the guidance of the curatorial duo of Lenka Lindaurová and Jan Dotrel.

“A labyrinth of the mind where one can wander for hours, days, or weeks; half-open doors, dark corners, and large, resplendent open spaces. Skulls, taxidermied animals, antique objects, precious jewellery, Japanese scrolls, old maps and books, fossils, instruments, fabrics, deer mounts, statuettes, stones, paintings old and new, a drawing by Picasso, sounds and smells. Analogically ordered – metaphor and puzzle. Uncovering a new perspective that corresponds to the inner world of the inventor-discoverer and collector.

Manners of arranging things – and these can be highly prized pieces of art or random found objects – have to do with a special relationship to them. Various arrangements are always guided by a different form of sensibility. A visual or relational analogy can be one such form.

The spectator, in this case, is irrelevant. As one of the fathers of surrealism, André Breton put it, if we want to avoid confusion, we must keep the audience at the door in exasperation. One of many hyperboles suggests that this micro-world was born of necessity.

The demiurge of the varied collection is in constant dialogue with the world, listening to the quiet appeals, not refusing to look at works from different contexts, and passionately succumbing to the perspective he finds within himself. The inner response to the seductive callings allow for no measure of correctitude. His universe must contain all kinds of beauty. The relational world of analogy does not prescribe a single fate – it allows one to live in a civilisational context that has been affected by chance or destiny, and offers encounters with many lifestyles and cultural worlds.

The collection is a living organism demanding constant attention, a voracious organism, transforming, volatile, jealous, childish, and curious. Our “analogon” does not like reflection and judgement. It has a talent for creating difficult harmonies and inspires us to make precarious decisions.”

Lenka Lindaurová, curator