Julie Kopová

*1960, Štemberk

Painter Julie Kopová, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, who go trought the studios of Jiří Sopek, Robert Šalanda and Vladimír Skrepl.

In the case of Julie Kopová’s gestural brushstrokes, we can witness a certain rhythmization or repetition that gives the paintings a strong expressive character. This tendency stems from the artist’s primary source of inspiration, which is the landscape. However, it is not depicted in a literal mimetic way, but de facto in a purely abstract way. There are rarely solitary points in the landscape – rhythmization can be found in every meadow, water surface, forest and lithospheric plate. Even these lower layers of the landscape (plate tectonics, rock collisions, heat and pressure) are a strong source of inspiration for Julia Kopová, especially in her latest series. The artist gives us a glimpse into a colourful and bold world of expressive shapes. However, she metamorphoses impressions of geological phenomena in a spiritual and feminine way into abstract compositions. What is also interesting about her work is the interdisciplinarity that she brings into her paintings from the fields of music, poetry or philosophy.

Selected exhibitions

2022 TECTONIC HEAT, Kvalitář, Praha, CZ

2022 Pole v množném čísle, Pragovka, group exhibition Praha, CZ

2022 Hybrid Landscapes, GASK, Kutná Hora, CZ

2021 Landscape in Art Symposium with Alšova Jihočeská Galerie, Frantoly, CZ

2021 Moc je také málo, group exhibition, Kabinet Chaos Gallery, Polička, CZ

2021 Vyhořelé múzy, vyléčená monstra, diploma works exhibiton, AVU, Prague, CZ


2019 – 2021 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Painting Studio II / Vladimír Skrepl School

2016 – 2019 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Painting studio I / Robert Šalanda School

2019 Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich, Gregor Hildebrandt Klasse

2015 – 2016 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Painting studio I / Jiří Sopko School

2012 – 2015 Lycée Français de Prague