Jan Dotřel & special guests: Qubus Design studio, Eva Eisler, Vladimír Škoda, Milan Houser, Tomáš Medek, Adam Kašpar, Štěpánka Sigmundová, Zdeněk Burian and Oldřich Th. Uttendorfský

3. 12. 2021 - 25. 2. 2022

Curator: Jozef Mrva ml., Jan Dotřel

Aetas Praehistorica is a unique art exhibition presented by the Kvalitář Gallery in early December. Its main theme is a scientific reflection on the origin of our planet Earth and life on it. The comprehensive exhibition will present, under the headings Birth of the Earth, Origin of Life and Beginning of Humanity, conceptual photographs by Jan Dotrel, who has prepared the exhibition together with curator Jozef Mrva Jr., as well as works by other prominent artists, such as Venus by Eva Eisler, paintings by Milan Houser and objects by Qubus Design Studio created from stromatolite fossils. Most of these artists are creating works directly for the exhibition Aetas Praehistorica (Latin for prehistory) or are very close to the themes of astronomy and paleontology. The extensive exhibition will also be complemented by naturalia and curiosities from the unique private collection of Oldřich Uttendorfský.