New Glass Selection

Milan Houser, Anna Jozová, Jiří Krejčiřík,

8. 2. – 30. 4. 2021

Curator: Jan Dotřel

New Glass Selection is an exhibition of three autors, two of whom whose primary focus is glassmaking and one who is new to the medium. The first, Anna Jožová, is a novice glassmaker who in a few short years has already developed a bold and distinctive visual language. The second glassmaker is Jiří Krejčiřík, whose work builds on a combination of architectural morphology and a blending of old elements with new. We will complement their works with those of an artist who is represented by the Kvalitář Gallery – Milan Houser. In his latest works he doesn’t merely focus on his distinctive poured lacquer paintings, but on glass sculptures as well. It will be possible to view the exhibition even during the gallery’s closure as the presentation is designed to be visible through the gallery’s windows on Senovážné Square.

Anna Jožová (*1996) has studied at the Studio of Glass headed by Rony Plesl at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague since 2017. She primarily works with experimental glass and porcelain techniques, at the same time creating new, unique objects by combining various, seemingly disparate materials. She has presented her works at several prestigious exhibitions (London Design Fair, Designblok, Dutch Design Week). In 2018 she designed and created the trophy for the Global Champions Prague Playoffs equestrian competition, and her work is a part of the permanent exhibition at the Moravská Gallery in Brno. In 2019 she studied abroad at Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand, which has had a marked influence on the direction of her work.

Jiří Krejčiřík (*1989) is a multidisciplinary designer based in Prague. He has experience working for international studios and brands, but he also works with private clients. He deals with different aspects of projects, from creative direction to designing glass, lighting objects, and furniture. He also specializes in interior design, product design, and installations. His work includes everyday utilitarian items, objects for galleries, and limited series. Above all he is interested in the value of local cultural heritage and the visual dialogue between history and the present and the esthetic connected with it. His works are represented in many collections, such as the Rossana Orlandi Master Gallery in Milan, Italy, the Moravská Gallery in Brno, and the Royal Thai Embassy in Prague. In the past three years he was nominated for Designer of the Year at both the Czech Grand Design Awards 2019 and the ELLE Decoration International Design Awards 2020, and he won the award for Best New Product by a Designer at Designblok 2019.

Two lines meet in the work of Milan Houser. The first, more dominant line, falls within the broader category of abstract painting. The author creates a kind of monumental dripping on the canvas, with puddles of colored lacquer forming the basic structures. In this category we can find extensive series such as Litky (Pours), Kaluže (Puddles), or the characteristically non-narrative Untitled, which he began producing around 2008. In the second line, which is closer to object creation, he often works with readymades, tampering with them using his typical painting techniques, such as lacquer pouring or spray painting. It’s in this second line that he began his completely new work with the medium of glass.