SPACE / art, design, architecture and science

Jan Dotřel


The catalog provides an overview of texts and photographs from the exhibition SPACE / art, design, architecture and science. The universe is a constant, a unit of measurement, the basis of everything and also an eternal enigma. The fate of mankind is to seek, to search for the essence of being and to explore everything around us. Science – the discipline of the greats is one way to ask the questions and to search for answers. Another way to reach the essence of creation is through reflection or imitation – through art. At the beginning of any artistic creation or scientific exploration is a question the pious basis of philosophy.

Texts: Jan Dotřel, RNDr. Jiří Podolský, CSc., DSc.
Design: Štěpán Marko
Publisher: Kvalitář, 2019, Czech Republic
Lenght: 61 pages
Launguage: English, Czech