Antonie Stanová

*1995, Prague, Czech Republic

Antonia Stanová’s paintings evoke a subconsciously friendly impression. Even if they are abstract lines, scribbles, fingerprints or fragments of things, the final interplay of seemingly chaotic elements has a balanced effect. Antonia Stanová’s artistic nature probably began to take shape even earlier than her early years. She then developed her own style of expression at the Academy of Arts and Crafts in Prague, where she was influenced by her studies in Jiří David’s studio. Already during her studies she established a successful cooperation with the Kvalitář gallery, where she prepared her first large solo exhibition Its Oh So Quiet. For her second comprehensive solo exhibition, Maculata, curated by Pavel Kubesa at the renowned NoD Gallery.

The latest approaches to painting were presented by the artist in the company of the writer and poet Bohumila Grögerová in September 2021 at an exhibition entitled I Tried to Tell Ya Something through the Phone at the Kvalitář gallery, for which a catalogue of the same name was published.

Stanová’s work has been presented at a variety of group exhibitions such as NEW SELECTION, group exhibition at Kvalitar Gallery (2020 – 2021)​,​ MACULATA at NoD Gallery (2020), IT’S OH SO QUIET, Kvalitar Gallery (2019)​,​ The Hills have Eyes (HotDock project space, Bratislava 2019), Extra Care ( DOX+, Praha 2018) and 8/8​ ​(ARCHIP, Praha 2017). Antonie Stanová (*1995, Prague) studied at Jiři David’s Intermedia Confrontation studio at Prague’s UMPRUM. During 2019, she completed residence at visiting lectors Nina Beier and Sláva Sobotovičová’s studio.

You can find the current offer of Antonia Stanová’s works in our online depository.