Jennifer Lyn Morone

10/3/2018 – 10/14/2018

Curator: Jana Hrušková

Artist Jennifer Lyn Morone’s response to how multinational corporations collect and trade the personal data of social network and internet browser users, as well as her reaction to unceasing social pressure for self-perfection, is extreme capitalism. Morone legally established herself as a corporation, thus protecting her own data and taking the entire system to the outer boundaries of its own absurdity. The artist herself, however, regards the project from a very human perspective. As she says in an interview with Tereza Jindrová:

“Corporations are meant to create value in the world – that means you produce, you don’t consume – whatever you decide to define that as. You look at the myriads of ways you create waste and try out turn those streams into value. You define a mission, a purpose, your goals, all of which can change but the important thing is that you define them and work towards them. i have my own dreams and goals and there is not one company out there that has the exact same vision as i do. Why would i work on a different vision? Instead, i think in terms of partnerships and collaborations. For instance, when i develop new projects i will set up profit-sharing schemes.”
As part of her still ongoing long-term project, Morone decided to merge her personal identity with a corporate identity, thus presenting herself as a source of data, skills and, last but not least, of biological material. This decision was prompted, among other things, by her observation of society, hungry for information; information that spells money and that can be mined from any and all human activity. Thus everyone can turn oneself into a resource (of information or material), becoming both product and producer simultaneously. The artist’s approach imitates and in doing so parodies various PR strategies, as observed mainly in the USA. She is equally rigorously methodical in executing the procedures required for her to be recognized and registered as a corporation, one of these being the regular records of board meetings – “Meeting Minutes”.

With reference to Donna Haraway – “Not to have property in the self is not to be a subject, and so not to have agency.” – Morone fulfils the principle of individualised Western civilisation in an extreme form, and urges other individuals to follow her example using specially developed applications, or to become involved as shareholders in Jennifer Lyn Morone, Inc.